MRPACO FireFighting Contanairized Solution

MRPACO is a respected and modern supplier of firewater pumps and packages. We design, manufacture and test all fire packages at our factory.

All designed, built and tested in accordance with the guidelines and principles of the NFPA20 standard.

Pump sets can be built according to NFPA20, with listed or non-listed components or EM12845

European engineering assistance for packaging of custom-built units containing rotating equipment.

We supply the engineering, purchasing, and production for a variety of applications such as: fire fighting, pump installations, compressor packages, hydraulic power packs, and more.

The packages will be designed working on basis of customers specifications to meet various industrial standards such as all major Marine Societies, NFPA, ASME, DIN, IEC, BASEEFA, IACS and many more.

Along with the above, MRPACO  is active in the field of project development, project engineering and project supervision.

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