Our engineering team and production does not stop only in production of high quality pumps.

We produce and develop the best product for your requirements. The result is a fully engineered centrifugal pumps based on all your needs.

Our dedicated design team not only designs top end pumping solutions, it is also a competent consulting and sparring partner for our clients. In order to ensure the high quality of our products, we exclusively use raw materials and supplies from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. All goods received are subjected to careful inspection. Our product control extends to the entire manufacturing cycle and includes semi-finished as well as finished products. To ensure smooth operation, our quality pumps are tested in our high-tech test facility. This facility is designed to test the pumps under realistic conditions, i.e. conditions similar to operation

MRPACO Engineered Pumps

MRPACO Pump Group is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of engineered pumps;

  • API 610 12th pumps
  • Process pumps (API and Non-API)
  • Water & Sea Water
  • Fire Water
  • Packaged products

MRPACO API 610 Pumps

MRPACO Group designs and manufacture an extensive range of pumps as per API standard.

We produce API 610 12th edition pumps and pump packages full range. With special added value in the heavy duty pumps such as high pressure, high power and most stringent applications.