The RCV4 series are vertically suspended, single-casing, volute, line shaft driven pumps. The RCV4 series meets the requirements of API 610 VS4 pumps. As a standard, bearing housing is located above the mounting plate. Optional design with bearing housing below the mounting plate is available. The impeller and casing selection depends on the application and operating conditions. To suit the wide range of applications, the following types of impeller are available:
• enclosed radial impeller for clean to slightly contaminated liquids
• semi-open impeller for liquids containing solids.

Product features

• Full compliance with API 610 (ISO13079) type VS4
• Bearing housing adjustment ensures proper impeller position and improved effi ciency
• Single or double row angular contact bearings for handling the axial thrust forces
• Heavy column pipe provides rigid support for pump and bearings
• Heavy-duty, one-piece shaft

• Optional column and shaft extension for deep sump application
• Enclosed impeller for clean fl uid and open impeller for solid handling, corrosives and abrasives
• External lubrication on shaft intermediate bearings for abrasive and solid application
• Shaft sealing options, from standard soft packing (non-API) to complete API 682 single or double mechanical seal range


• Petrochemical process
• Chemical processing
• Refinery off-sites
• Drainage
• Gas and coal processing
• Liquid sulphur
• Molten salts


• Carbon steel, chrome steel, stainless steel
• Materials of construction in accordance with the latest API 610 Annex H Table H.1
• Special material and coatings available

Technical data

• Capacity up to 1,000 m3/h
• Head up to 600 m
• Maximum temperature up to 300°C