VS1 \ VS6

The RCV6 pump is a type VS6 vertical multistage can type pump that is used in situations where Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA) is limited. The pumps are designed to the latest edition of API 610 and API 682 standards. The VS6 vertical shaft pumps are engineered with a barrel (suction can). An extensive range of hydraulics gives a comprehensive range of heads and flows to match your process. Varied material options are also available to suit specifi c fl uid requirements.

Product features

• Full compliance with API 610 (ISO 13079) VS1/VS6
• Variety of hydraulic designs for each pump size allows optimal selection of the pump
• External casing design per ASME
• Radial diffuser casing minimizing radial forces
• Axial thrust balance by balance drum
• Rigid shaft with critical speed above operating speed. Pump rotor fully dynamically balanced

• Several mechanical seal options: single, double, tandem seals. Seal chamber designed to fi t API 682 mechanical seals
• Optional location of pump nozzles above or below mounting plate
• For the VS6 model, the suction and discharge nozzles can be positioned 90 degrees apart. Flange type mounting plate according to international standards, ISO and ANSI


• Petrochemical process
• Chemical processing
• Refinery off-sites
• Drainage
• Gas and coal processing
• Liquid sulphur
• Molten salts
• Low NPSH applications


• Carbon steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex
• Materials of construction in accordance with the latest API 610 Annex H Table H.1
• Special material and coatings available

Technical data

• Capacity up to 4,000 m3/hHead up to 700m
• Head up to 600 m
• Maximum temperature up to 300°C